Two men on bicycles stole cigarettes, alcohol and money from a midtown Circle K early Thursday morning, causing the convenience store to shut down for several hours.

Kimberly Matas

Rush hour commuters hoping for a quick coffee fix on their way to work were turned away from a midtown Circle K while police investigated an early morning theft.

The store, at 1602 S. Craycroft Road, just north of East 29th Street, was cordoned off with yellow tape and a crime scene van was in the parking lot for a couple hours Thursday morning.

At about 5:30 a.m. two men entered the store, said Officer Brandon Tatum, spokesman for the Tucson Police Department. One man walked behind the counter and stole cigarettes, money and a bottle of alcohol.

Then both men peddled away on bicycles.

Tatum did not yet know whether the men were armed.