A missed date for jury duty may result in a mailed notice for “failure to appear,” but no one from the county will call and demand a convenience store money order, court officials say.

Thursday the Arizona Superior Court and Pima County’s Jury Commissioner’s Office received multiple calls from people reporting a jury scam.

Callers said they received telephone calls from someone claiming to work for the Pima County Sheriff’s Department and telling them an arrest warrant was issued for failing to report for jury duty.

The scammer said the matter could be resolved if the person gave them a prepaid debit card from Walgreens, electronically transferred money or sent a money order from Circle K.

Anyone who receives such a phone call should hang up and call the jury office at 724-4222.

If a person failed to appear for jury service they are mailed a card that reads:

FAILURE TO APPEAR NOTICE: Our records indicate you failed to appear as instructed for jury service on the date noted above. SECOND SUMMONS NOTICE: You must immediately call the jury office at 724- 4222 to reschedule your jury service. Failure to contact the jury office may result in further action being brought against you by this Court as prescribed by Arizona law. WWW.SC.PIMA.GOV/JURY