A couple who pleaded guilty in SaddleBrooke burglaries was sentenced in Pinal County to prison.

Under a plea agreement, Deanna Gaw, 42, and John Gaw, 45, each pleaded guilty to two counts of burglary, according to a news release from the Pinal County Attorney's Office.

Deanna Gaw was sentenced to 2.5 years at the Arizona Department of Corrections with three years of supervised probation after her release. John Gaw was sentenced to 3.5 years, and five years of supervised probation after his release.

Authorities said that John Gaw, who was a real estate agent, used an online system to identify homes for sale in SaddleBrooke. Deanna Gaw, who posed as a real estate agent, then booked time for her and John to be at the houses without the homeowners present.

While the homeowners thought the couple was showing their homes to potential buyers, they instead were committing burglaries, states the release.

On July 10, 2012, the couple was reported to the Pinal County Sheriff's Department by homeowners who were suspicious of the Gaws. They provided a description of the couple and their vehicle.

A Pinal County deputy saw a vehicle matching the description, and pulled it over on Highway 77 as it entered Pima County. The deputy noticed latex gloves, women's jewelry and collector's coins on the floorboards of the vehicle. He called for backup from deputies of the Pima County Sheriff's Department, and the Gaws were arrested on  suspicion of burglary and fraud, according to the release.