A former Tucson Unified School District worker was sentenced Tuesday to probation for theft of school property.

Pima County Superior Court Judge Richard Nichols sentenced Rey Bussari to three years’ probation for his role in a scheme to sell school district property.

“I don’t think jail time is appropriate under the circumstances of this case,” Nichols said.

Bussari pleaded guilty to attempted theft.

A TUSD investigation into the incident released in August 2013 said Bussari, who worked as a property control supervisor for the district, sold thousands of dollars’ worth of aged or obsolete school furniture and other equipment and kept a portion of the money for himself, possibly as much as $100 per week.

Bussari maintained a fund with some of the money, which was used to buy food for co-workers and pay fines from traffic tickets his workers received.

Court documents that Bussari’s attorney, Alfred McDonald, filed said Bussari turned in the bulk of the money to a superior.

He started to sell district property only when stockpiles of the discarded items became visible to passers-by who asked if the equipment was for sale, the defense documents say.

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