A prank played by a co-worker had a towing company employee calling 911 last month.

The man was working in the maintenance shop of a northwest side tow yard Feb. 18, when the shop supervisor set off a small firecracker.

The employee told a deputy he didn’t know if his supervisor specifically targeted him or if he didn’t realize anyone was around, nevertheless, “one of the firecrackers landed in the ear canal of his right ear and exploded, causing him to have a ringing sensation in his ear that lasted approximately half an hour,” the Pima County Sheriff’s Department report stated.

He told a deputy he planned to go to an urgent care “and attempt to file a labor and industries injury claim.”

The deputy did a little investigating and “noted there was nothing remarkable around his ears. There was no black soot mark or anything of that nature. He did not appear to have any obvious visible injuries.”

The supervisor who threw the firecracker told another deputy he and his co-worker “play with each other all the time and this was not meant to harm.”

He was cited for misdemeanor assault.