Sheriff’s deputies want to know who cut the cheese.

And the meat, too.

In what seems to be the latest in a rash of crimes against meat, an employee at a Foothills Safeway reported a man with a knife in the store cutting open packages of cheese, meat and other perishables, causing $700 in damage, according to a Pima County Sheriff’s Department report.

The incident, earlier this month, “originated from the individual coming in and stating that he had bought meat and wanted a refund. However, he did not bring the product he wanted a refund for,” the deputy reported. The man didn’t have a receipt either and was refused a refund.

The man, who was seen on surveillance video, became angry went into the meat and deli section of the grocery store and “vandalized packaged meat and other foods for sale.”

After attacking the meat, the disgruntled man went to the frozen food section where he went after packages of sausage before moving onto the refrigerated section where he cut the cheese.

The man is described as being in his mid-60s, balding and wearing glasses.

Earlier this month, at a south side Walmart Neighborhood Market, a man unsuccessfully tried to boost a shopping cart full of beef.

In late September two incidents of meat thievery were reported to the sheriff’s department.

The first thief made off with five packages of meat from a north side Safeway.

The second wasn’t as successful. The man stole a rotisserie chicken from a display at the front of a north side Walmart, but as he peddled away on his bicycle, he dropped the chicken and lost his cowboy hat.