Courtesy Pinal County Sheriff's Office

A Pinal County jail inmate lost an eye after he yanked it out of the socket while under a mental health watch Thursday night, authorities said.

26-year-old Colin Corkhill of Scottsdale was arrested Wednesday on charges of attempted murder, theft of means of transportation, aggravated assault and resisiting arrest, according to a news release from the Pinal County Sheriff's Office.

While in a cell with other inmates, corrections officers observed Corkhill punching himself in the face while standing in the shower.

Corkhill was originally housed with other inmates in a cell but was observed by detention officers punching himself in the face and was moved to a private cell under a mental health watch after medical staff checked on him.

After his initial court appearance Thursday, he remained on mental health watch, said Sheriff Paul Babeau.

During a routine cell check later that evening, officers saw blood on the window of Corkhill's cell door and found him laying on the floor with his right eyeball detached from the socket, Babeau said.

Corkhill was provided with treatment and transported to a local hospital, but his eye wasn't able to be saved.

There were no weapons or "other instruments" in the cell and evidence shows that Corkhill used his fingers to pull the eye out of its socket, the release said.

He's currently receiving medical treatment and will be booked back into jail upon his release from the hospital.

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