Monsoon winds overnight Tuesday caused a flare-up of the Prison Fire in the Santa Catalina Mountains.

“A highly visible flare-up on the interior of the Prison Fire caused some Tucson residents to express concerns to the Tucson Interagency Dispatch Center that the Prison Fire had escaped containment lines and was on the move again,” Gerry Perry, a spokesman for the Coronado National Forest, said in a news release. “The flare-up crossed fire lines for a gain of approximately 40 acres. A helicopter again is using bucket drops of water to cool the fire.”

As of Wednesday afternoon, the Prison Fire adjacent to Molino Basin, remained 50-percent contained. The wildfire has consumed about 280 acres.

Though Monday’s monsoon rains provided some relief, firefighters “are attacking the reinvigorated section of the fire in challenging, rough terrain,” Perry said.

One crew of 20 firefighters is on the ground, aided by two water tenders, a helicopter and two engines.

Fire restrictions remain in place and camp fires, welding tools, target shooting and smoking are banned until substantial rainfall reduces the fire danger, Perry said.

Pressurized liquid or gas stoves, lanterns and heaters with shut-off devices are allowed, but must be used in areas clear of grass and other fine fuels.

For more detailed information about restrictions and dangers, go to or call the Southwest Fire Restrictions Hotline at 1-877-864-6985.