Two Tucson police officers have been cleared by the Pima County Attorney’s Office in the May shooting death of a man wielding a hockey stick.

Officers Allan Meyer and Robert Soeder shot 28-year-old Michael Dunklee May 21 in a midtown apartment. A woman standing near Dunklee also was struck by gunfire and suffered a leg wound.

The officers were called to the apartment at 3810 E. Monte Vista Drive near North Alvernon Way, by the owner who said two people she evicted had returned.

Lights were on in the apartment and music was playing in a bedroom when officers arrived, according to the report from the Pima County Attorney’s Office. After announcing themselves several times, the officers opened the bedroom door to find Dunklee “standing on the other side of the door with a … sawed off hockey stick raised over his head.”

As one of the officers took a step back, Dunklee “made a growling sound and charged toward the officers with the hockey stick raised over his head.

“Both officers took a step or two backwards, but were unable to move much given the clutter in the apartment.”

After Dunklee swung at them, both officers fired.

Dunklee later died at the University of Arizona Medical Center. The woman was treated at the hospital and released.