U.S. marshals took custody of a Tucson fugitive at the border on Tuesday.

Christian Flores-Altamirano, 25, was on supervised release from prison in November when he fled Tucson, Deputy U.S. Marshal Daniel Leyva said in a news release.

In December marshals assigned to the case learned Flores-Altamirano was living with his girlfriend in Nogales, Sonora.

Mexican authorities on Tuesday arrested Flores-Altamirano and turned him over to U.S. marshals at the Nogales port of entry, Leyva said.

Drug Enforcement Administration agents arrested Flores-Altamirano in February 2009 for possession with intent to distribute about 15 kilograms of cocaine.

In January 2010 he was sentenced to 66 months of incarceration with 48 months of supervised release.

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