Tucson police released the names of 15 people arrested Saturday night after police declared an unlawful assembly on University Boulevard following the Arizona Wildcats' loss to the Wisconsin Badgers.

They are:

-Jimmy Austin, 21 years old

-Andres Martinez, 29 years old

-Samuel Peri, 20 years old

-Paul Harris, 23 years old

-Nathan Hale, 20 years old

-Dean Saxton, 23 years old

-Thomas Impullitti, 21 years old

-Maria Lomeli, 26 years old

-Craig Baker, 29 years old

-Tim Decker, 19 years old

-William Barrett, 19 years old

-Alexander Davidson, 23 years old

-Louis Shanley, 22 years old

-Edward Labor, 27 years old

-Daniel Anderson, 20 years old

Fourteen of those arrested were cited and released. One person was booked into the Pima County jail.

Nine people are current University of Arizona students.

The charges include unlawful assembly, resisting arrest and disorderly conduct.