Two sisters held against their will for a week in a South Tucson motel room were drugged, beaten and raped by their captor, according to court documents obtained Tuesday.

Their alleged captor, Rene Francisco “Spanky” Canez, 35, was booked into the Pima County jail Oct. 15 and is being held on $500,000 bond. He is facing 11 charges including kidnapping, sexual assault, aggravated assault, armed robbery, administering narcotics and prohibited possession of a gun.

At about 5 p.m. Oct. 9, the two sisters, ages 22 and 26, went to Canez’s room at El Camino Motel, 297 E. Benson Highway near South Fourth Avenue, to buy marijuana for personal use, according to an interim complaint filed with the Pima County Justice Court. The women had bought marijuana from Canez previously.

He invited the sisters into his motel room but would not allow them to leave.

“Canez used a variety of weapons” to threaten and assault both women, including a handgun, knives, a Taser and a curtain rod, the complaint stated. He also beat them, kept them naked, injected the women with heroin, forced them to smoke heroin, starved them and stole $200 from them.

“Over the course of almost seven days Canez sexually assaulted” the sisters repeatedly, forced them to perform sex acts on each other, recorded the assaults with his camera phone and invited others into the motel room to watch the sexual assaults, the complaint stated.

The women “were in constant fear of being killed, reinforced by Canez’s threats and intimidation,” the complaint stated. “The women did not eat for seven days while being held captive.”

Early on the morning of Oct. 15, a woman unrelated to the two captives, went to Canez’s motel room looking for her own sister, the complaint stated.

“While standing at the open door, the witness observed both victims sitting on a mattress inside the room, and they appeared very scared and beaten up,” the complaint stated. “Both victims kept gesturing to her to help them.”

That’s when Canez forced the third woman into the room, held her against her will for 15 to 20 minutes and made her “smoke heroin from a piece of foil.”

When the three women saw an opportunity to escape, they ran out and flagged down a taxi. The sisters got home and called police, the complaint said.

Canez previously served more than a year in prison for a drug offense, records show.