A woman involved in the drug-related shooting death of a high school student in 2011 was sentenced to 6 ½ years in prison on Monday.

Juliana Helene Olague pleaded guilty to aggravated assault for her role in the drug-rip death of Carlos Sandoval on the far east side on Dec. 31, 2011.

Olague, 23, was one of five defendants charged in connection with 17-year-old Sandoval’s death. She and the other defendants had arranged to purchase a pound of marijuana from Sandoval.

Rather than pay, they tried to steal the drugs from Sandoval. In a struggle, defendant Keanu Deano Castaneda shot and killed Sandoval.

Castaneda, 22, was convicted of first-degree murder and sentenced to 10 ½ years in prison.

Olague was not in the house when the shooting occurred, but was at the scene in the getaway car.

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