Former Maricopa County attorney and Republican candidate for governor, Andrew Thomas, has released his first 30-second television spot, titled "Before it's too Late."

In the ad, Thomas touts his record of standing up to liberal judges, illegal immigrants and what he calls the “gay lobby." 

He urges Republicans to back him in the primary before it is too late and his ad has him showing three people the "Patton line" along the international border.  

Text of the ad:

(Narrator speaking)

Conservatives are backing Andrew Thomas for governor because he is the only candidate who has stopped illegal immigration, stood up to the gay lobby and opposed liberal judges.

(Andrew Jones, speaking)

When I enforced the law, illegal immigrants fled this state. Now they stay. And protest.

Other candidates say they will secure the border, but talk is cheap. I stopped illegal immigrant before. As governor, I'll do it again. This time for good.

(Narrator speaking)

Vote Andrew Thomas for governor. Before it is too late.

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