Screen shot of Rep. Ron Barber's third television ad for his re-election campaign, titled "Flying." Retrieved on August 12 from YouTube.

Ron Barber has new taken out a new television ad, titled "Flying."

The 30-second ad discusses the Tucson Democrat's fight to keep the A-10 flying, even his willingness to cross political lines to find support in Congress.

The new ad will air on network TV.

Text of the ad:

"My name is Maureen Phillips. I worked as a tactical intelligence officer in support of A-10 missions. The A-10 is irreplaceable and it saves lives. No one has worked harder to save the A-10 aircraft than Ron Barber.

He immediately said 'this is not about Republican or Democrat.' He has taken on his own party and worked across the aisle to save the A-10. Ron Barber does what is right for southern Arizona."

(Ron Barber, speaking)

"I am Ron Barber and I approve this message."

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