Screen shot of candidate for governor Christine Jones' latest television ad, titled "Protect the Border." Retrieved on July 19 from YouTube.

Republican hopeful for governor Christine Jones' latest 30-second television ad, titled "Protect the Border" puts the immigration on the front burner.

The former GoDaddy executive has laid out her plan to deal with the problem of illegal immigration with a proposal to spend an estimated $270 million to deploy 1,200 National Guard troops to the border and using state-of-the-art technology to monitor traffic.

In the ad, Jones pledges to bill the Obama administration for the cost, although she has previously hinted the state could pay for her plan by making cuts in the $2.8 billion she says the state spends on an annual basis providing services to illegal immigrants.

You can read more of her plan here.

Text of the ad:

(Christine Jones speaking)

Illegal immigration costs the Arizona taxpayers $2.8 billions every single year. When I am governor, that will change.

I'll deploy 1,200 troops to the border. Use technology to monitor who is coming and going. Finish the fence. and send Obama the bill. Laws will be enforced. No priority, no amnesty and no excuses. 


She stands out because she stands up for what's right. Republican Christine Jones for governor. 

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