Screen shot of Governor candidate Christine Jones' latest television ad, titled "Secure" Retrieved on June 20 from Vimeo at 12:30 p.m.

Former GoDaddy executive Christine Jones is back on the airwaves, airing a new 60-second ad statewide.

The Republican candidate for governor discusses securing the border and touches on her plan to improve the state economy. 

One estimate suggests Jones will spend roughly $500,000 to air the ad to air the ad on both cable channels as well as network television.

Campaign spokesperson Anna Haberlein declined to comment on how much the campaign has spent on the ads. 

Republican rivals for Governor Doug Ducey and Scott Smith also have campaign ads running on television right now, although Smith has not aired any ads on local channels yet.

 Text of the ad:

(Christine Jones:)     

“A hundred years ago, Arizona’s economy was driven by agriculture. It is a new century and we need a new strategy."


“While the other candidates argue about the past or the issue of the moment, Christine Jones is planning for our future.”

(Christine Jones:)

"Education is the great equalizer. Yes to school choice. No to Common Core.  I proposed a comprehensive economic plan keeping taxes low, creating not only more jobs but also better-paying jobs. 

The federal government has been completely derelict in securing the border. I’ve staked out a very clear plan on illegal immigration. No amnesty. No priority.

I am an unapologetic conservative and that’s the way I’ll lead."


"Christine Jones. She stands out because she stands up for what’s right."

(Christine Jones:)

"If you believe in the conservative principles that I believe in, I am asking for your vote."


"Republican Christine Jones for Governor. Paid for Jones for Governor Inc. Primary."

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