Republican Congressional District 1 Gary Kiehne has taken out his first 30-second television ad, titled "Washington is broken." 

The northern Arizona rancher makes a veiled swipe at both his primary rivals - state Reps. Andy Tobin and Adam Kwasman - and his would-be general election opponent, Democratic Congresswoman Ann Kirkpatrick.

He pledges to secure the border and curb federal spending, something he accuses "politicians" of refusing to tackle on their own.  

Kiehne has spent $12,000 to air the ads on Fox News Channel, according to public reports filed with the Federal Communications Commission.

As of March 31, Kiehne had $274,693 cash on hand, compared to Tobin's $213,246 and Kwasman's $64,533.

Neither Tobin or Kwasman currently have television ads up on the airwaves.

Text of the ad:


"Washington is broken and our nation's future hangs in the balance. That's why Gary Kiehne is running for Congress. 

He is a businessman and rancher, not a politician.

Gary Kiehne is a conservative we can trust to finally secure the border, stop the reckless spending and rein in an over-reaching federal government that threatens our liberty. 

The politicians won't do it, but Gary Kiehne will."

(Gary Kiehne)

"I am Gary Kiehne and I approve this message."

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