District 4 incumbent Democrats Lynne Pancrazi and Lisa Otondo created a campaign ad together.

The ad focuses on education as a top priority in improving the economy.

What's not in the ad is also interesting. Pancrazi is unopposed in the primary election, but Otondo has two opponents. The two left out of their ad Charlene Fernandez and Jose Suarez, who are vying to fill an open House seat.

Text of the ad:

(Pancrazi speaking) In order to attract more businesses to Arizona, and a higher paying wage, we need an educated workforce. I'm Lynne Pancrazi, your State Senator.

(Otondo speaking) And I'm Representative Lisa Otondo. Right now Arizona spends fewer dollars per student on education than any other state. We need your vote to continue our fight to invest in quality public education.

(Both speaking) Please vote Lynne Pancrazi and Lisa Otondo on August 26th.

(Pancrazi speaking) It's a vote for a better economy.

(Otondo speaking) And a vote for quality public education.

(Kids cheering)

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