A group calling itself Veterans for a Strong America attacking GOP candidate for governor Christine Jones, focusing on a Jan. 2013 comment praising Hillary Clinton.

Screen capture from ad posted on Veterans for a Strong America's YouTube channel, captured on 5/30/14 at 9 a.m. 

A new political ad from a political nonprofit out of South Dakota hit the started appearing on cable TV yesterday, attacking Christine Jones for praising Hillary Clinton over a year ago.

Veterans for a Strong America reportedly paid $50,000 for the 30 second spot, including roughly $8,000 to air the ad for then next three weeks on Fox News Channel here in southern Arizona, according to Federal Communications Commission records.

VSA Chairman Joel Arends said Arizona voters needed to know about Jones' support for the former secretary of state.

“Christine Jones’ comments in support of Hillary Clinton are an insult to the victims of the Benghazi terror attacks and to every person fighting for accountability from this Administration for their role in the deaths of four Americans," he said. “Christine Jones lacks the judgment required to be the top elected official in any state, let alone a state with as pronounced a military presence as Arizona.”

Anna Haberlein, the communications director for the Jones campaign, dismissed the ad as another attempt to distract voters, arguing Jones has very little in common with Clinton.

"This is the act of a desperate, fledgling campaign and their dark money allies who feel the need to go to this absurd association in order to keep their head above water. They’re trying to make the Arizona governor’s race about Benghazi and Hillary Clinton," Haberlein said.

"Christine has said numerous times (and it’s even on her website) that her political philosophy couldn’t be more different than Hillary Clinton’s. Any comment Christine has made in the past about Hillary Clinton was in the context of comparing her to others in the Obama Administration. When you compare Hillary Clinton to the likes of John Kerry, Eric Holder and Susan Rice, she appears to be the adult in the room, and that's a pretty sad commentary on the current administration."

Veterans for a Strong America has a total of 21 videos on its Youtube channel.

Text of the 30 second ad:


"Four Americans were killed by terrorists. What happened? Requests for more security denied. Talking points altered. The nation lied to."

(Clip of then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton addressing Congress)

"What difference, at this point, does it make?"


"It made no difference to Christine Jones. Two months later she said 'Hillary Clinton will continue to stand out as a capable and respected leader. Americans will begin to realize what an effective Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was. The incredibly high standard she set.' These are Christine Jones' standards, are they yours?"






Anna Haberlein

Communications Director

Christine Jones for Governor



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