From left to right: District 2 candidates John Christopher Ackerley, Andrea Dalessandro and Rosanna Gabaldón. Photos courtesy of the candidates.

Wednesday night's debate in Rio Rico featured candidates for Arizona House District 2 Chris Ackerley, Andrea Dalessandro and Rosanna Gabaldón. Here are some highlights.

All the candidates said they would vote no on Prop. 121, the open primaries proposition, and yes on Prop. 204, the sales tax proposition.

The candidates also agree the Legislature spends too much time on issues that don't help most of us, such as bills to allow guns on campus and Bibles studies in public schools.

Phoenix lawmakers have a habit of forgetting Southern Arizona. What's your plan to make sure we're heard?

Dalessandro and Gabaldón, both Democrats, said they'll be full-time legislators. Ackerley, a Republican who has a full-time job as a high school teacher, said he has an advantage because he's in the majority party and he'll be invited to key discussions about bills while his opponents won't have a seat at that table.

Should the Legislature return swept funds to the State Parks system?

Gabaldón said recreation facilities are an important part of economic development and help the tourism industry.

Ackerley said we need a health State Parks system, but there are other priorities right now. But he called fund sweeps "troubling."

Dalessandro said sweeps fly in the face of voters. Parks are important to industries including tourism, real estate, restaurants and retail, she said.

On abortion

Gabaldón is pro-choice, Ackerley is pro-life and Dalessandro said abortion should be legal.

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