Associated Press

We’ve been hearing some rumbling of late that Rodney Glassman is chatting up political insiders about a run for mayor.

The former Tucson City Councilman said although he’s had quite a few calls from folks asking him if he’s willing to run, “whatever you are hearing about ‘me weighing’ anything is only rumors.”

Glassman said at least until Feb. 18, he’s on active duty at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base as an officer in the Judge Advocate General’s Corps, and is enjoying his family, including new baby, Rose.

“After we are done with my service we will sit down,  as a family, to talk about our future plans and what direction we will take with our community work,” he said, “but as of right now it’s diapers and court martials.”

Glassman lost a bid last year against U.S. Sen. John McCain and lost in a recent election among Democratic players to lead the state party. Democrat and local attorney Jonathan Rothschild is otherwise the only Democrat who has announced a bid.

Stay posted.