A Phoenix Democrat who works for the Arizona Society of CPAs is the second pick for the state’s independent redistricting commission.

House Minority Leader Chad Campbell picked Jose Herrera, a Democrat who volunteered for former Gov. Janet Napolitano’s campaign and who served on the state board of Behavioral Health Examiners.

In making his selection, Campbell said Herrera “embodies the very essence of Arizona,” given his birth in San Luis and his college attendance at Northern Arizona University, where he graduated in 2001 with a master of arts in educational leadership. “...It is readily apparent he wants to do what is best for his native state,” Campbell said in a statement.

In his application, Herrera wrote that he knew he wasn’t going to make all groups happy with the end results, “but if I can improve the process by being more transparent in all of the actions of the commission, that will be beneficial for all of us.”

 That leaves two more picks, one for Senate President Russell Pearce and another for Senate minority leader David Schapira. But more interestingly, those other picks can’t come from Maricopa County, since no more than two members can hail from the same county. The GOP pick comes down to two Pima County residents: Benny White, who has been involved in election integrity issues, and Richard Stertz, who has a long list of previous careers, most recently founding a chain of car washes, as well as serving most recently on the board of the Tucson Police Foundation.