CD1/CD2 Watch: DCCC launches ads attacking Republicans over support of Ryan budget bill

2014-04-02T16:30:00Z 2014-04-02T17:23:07Z CD1/CD2 Watch: DCCC launches ads attacking Republicans over support of Ryan budget billBy Joe Ferguson Arizona Daily Star Arizona Daily Star

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has launched a new, nationwide ad campaign tying Republican candidates to a budget proposal this week made by House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan (R-Wis.)

The ads target local Congressional candidates Martha McSallyGary Kiehne, Adam Kwasman, and Andy Tobin claiming each would have supported the what the committee calls the "scandalous" budget put forward by the former vice presidential candidate.

The Ryan budget, the DCCC contends, would result in "raising taxes on middle class families, ending the Medicare guarantee for seniors and turning Medicare into a voucher program, and costing our economy 1.1 million jobs next year alone — all while heaping tax breaks on corporations that ship jobs overseas."

Ryan's budget proposal would cut an estimated $5.1 trillion dollars in federal spending in the next 10 years, The Washington Post reports.

A key provision would scrap the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare.  

"Martha McSally, Gary Kiehne, Adam Kwasman, and Andy Tobin’s new Republican budget is the clearest illustration yet that they are not on the side of Arizona’s middle class families. McSally, Kiehne, Kwasman, and Tobin’s Republican budget rewards the special interests and the wealthy who need help the least, and does it on the backs of the middle class,” said Tyrone Gayle of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. 

However, there is no evidence any of the Republicans targeted in the ad  — structured to resemble the popular television show "Scandal" — have indicated support of the current budget proposal.

Kwasman and a representative for the Kiehne camp said they have not read or publicly backed the most recent budget proposal from Ryan. 

A representative for Tobin couldn't be reached immediately for comment. 

Kristen Douglas, the deputy campaign manager for the McSally campaign, declined to comment.

McSally indicated in 2012 indicated she would have supported a previous Ryan budget proposal.

Rep. Ron Barber said on Wednesday afternoon it was unclear how much political support Ryan's proposal, unveiled yesterday, has in the House.

Worried the bill was largely "a repeat of what happened last year" the Tucson Democrat said he could not support any measure cutting medical benefits to seniors and give a tax break to the wealthiest Americans.

"It sends a message I totally disagree with," Barber said. 

Daniel Scarpinato  with the National Republican Congressional Committee said the ad misses the mark by focusing on Republicans who are not part of the current federal budget process. 

A press secretary with the NRCC, Scarpinato said voters should be more concerned with the Democrats currently representing southern Arizona.

Ron Barber and Ann Kirkpatrick ought to take a long look in the mirror because their job-destroying policies are hurting middle class families more than ever. Southern Arizonans are ready for a fresh start and know that Barber and Kirkpatrick stand with Nancy Pelosi – not with them,” he said.

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