A new online video ad says you should tell Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick to oppose Medicare cuts ... which she says she opposes.

The American Action Network says it spent $20,000 on the video attack ad.

The ad says you should call Kirkpatrick and "tell her to fight the President's April 7 Medicare Advantage cuts." See the 30-second ad here.

"It's time Congresswoman Kirkpatrick actually stands up and fights to stop President Obama from gutting Medicare Advantage for Obamacare," Network spokeswoman Emily Davis said in a press release about the ad.

Kirkpatrick campaign spokesman D.B. Mitchell tells us, "This group is wasting its money because Congresswoman Kirkpatrick already opposes cuts to Medicare programs."

Around 38 percent of civilians in Congressional District 1 have public health-insurance coverage, according to the Census Bureau.

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