The National Republican Congressional Committee is targeting Rep. Ron Barber with a robocalls to locals, stating he once supported Medicare Advantage cuts under Obamacare.

A spokesperson for the Barber campaign rejects claims made by the NRCC, saying the Tucson Democrat has always supported the Medicare program.

The robocall refers to a quote made by Barber at an Oct. 23, 2012 debate at the University of Arizona.

Barber said during the debate that the Affordable Care Act “does not cut from Medicare at all.”  

“Congressman Barber was crystal clear during his 2012 campaign: He supported and defended President Obama’s cut to Medicare Advantage,” said NRCC National Press Secretary Daniel Scarpinato. “Seniors deserve to know the truth.”

Barber spokeswoman Ashley Nash-Hahn said Barber has voted against plans that would cut Medicare.

"Ron Barber has, and will, always fight to protect and strengthen Medicare. He's voted against the Ryan budget which turns Medicare into a private voucher system, and he demanded that President Obama not cut Medicare Advantage," Nash-Hahn said.

Listen to the ad here:

The script:


“Hello, I’m calling from the National Republican Congressional Committee to alert you to our Congressman Ron Barber’s support for cutting our Medicare benefits. In 2012, Barber criticized Medicare Advantage as a program that spends too much, and Barber even praised Obamacare’s cuts to the program – saying that additional taxpayer dollars should not go to Medicare Advantage. Call Ron Barber today and tell him seniors can’t afford these cuts. This call was paid for by the National Republican Congressional Committee and was not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee."

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