The Republican candidate in Arizona's Congressional District 3 race posted on Facebook a gruesome photo depicting a man posing with several decapitated heads and she called for "eye for an eye" treatment for terrorists.

Gabriela Saucedo Mercer posted on her campaign Facebook page (graphic content) just after midnight. The photo caption says one of the five Taliban prisoners traded by the U.S. for the release of an American soldier was the man who is in the decapitation photo.

The top half of the image, which shows mugshots of the five, is from Fox News.

However, the bottom half of the image, the graphic photo, shows Khalid K., who is a terror suspect but who is not one of the five. The Khalid K. photo has been widely circulated with a variety of meme-style messages on Facebook and Twitter.

In a comment, she also said President Obama is friends with the Taliban prisoners.

Here is Saucedo Mercer's full comment: "This just makes me sick.......more to come as we all discover what kind of a rotten deal we got from POTUS going behind doors to release his buddies from Guantanamo Bay. These terrorists need to be treated as the Bible says.....'An eye for an eye.' I am tired of playing games with TERRORISTS how about you?"

Saucedo Mercer drew criticism in the 2012 election cycle when she said Middle Eastern immigrants' "only goal in life is to cause harm to the United States" and that, legal or not, they are not wanted in the U.S. She later clarified her comment was about terrorists, not all Middle Easterners.

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