Republican Congressional candidate Chuck Wooten is decrying the supposed elevation of fellow Republican Martha McSally to front-runner status in the Congressional District 2 race.

Wooten, who briefly saw himself in the national spotlight after a letter he wrote to Paul Ryan went viral, blames the media and powerful members of the GOP for McSally's supposed coronation.

"I don't know about you all, but I'm pretty fed up with the GOP and the media picking the winner in this race," Wooten writes. "A McSally victory is fabricated by wishful and faulty thinking by the GOP who actually strategized that propping up a female (that's already lost twice) to run AGAIN against Ron Barber is the solution to unseat an ineffective, Democrat incumbent."

Wooten goes on to attack McSally on a number of fronts, essentially calling her one degree removed from being "a liberal."

A spokesperson from McSally's campaign did not return calls seeking comment.

The retired Air Force chief master sergeant does have an uphill battle to take the spotlight away from McSally.

In the past few months, key right-leaning political actions committees have backed her campaign, with even the Republican National Committee suggesting the Democrat incumbent Rep. Ron Barber would face off against McSally this fall (albeit in a Twitter-only web campaign.)

Even Barber himself calls McSally his "likely opponent" in campaign speeches and comments to the press.

Other Republicans running in CD2 are Shelley Kais and Jim Brown.

For now, Wooten is confident he will qualify for the primary ballot, giving voters a choice on who will face off against Barber in the general election the November. 

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