The Pima County Recorder's Office is offering a new take on the old "stranger danger" adage.

The warning has less to do with strangers offering candy to children, and more about helpful people (that you probably don't know) offering to hand-deliver early ballots back to election officials.

The bottom line? Just say "no" unless it is from a family member, a trusted co-worker, a friend, next door neighbor or the US Postal Service.

"If voters are being contacted by phone by individuals representing various organizations asking if they can pick up your voted ballots at your home and take them to the Post Office or the Recorder’s Office say 'No,'" the advisory states. " If they show up at your door making the offer to take your voted ballots to the Post Office or Recorder’s Office just tell them 'no.'"  

There is no guarantee that these individuals will take them to the Post Office or turning them into the Recorder’s Office, the county department warns. 

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