In a new ad, Ann Kirkpatrick's congressional campaign shows that the only words that roll more naturally off a cowboy's tongue than "lobbyist Paton" are .... just about any other phrase in the English language. 

The ad features four cowboys huddling around a campfire jawing about that most natural of Arizona campfire topics — lobbyists in Washington D.C. 

"Congress is a mess," one says.

"Why would we elect a lobbyist like Jonathan Paton to represent us  in Washington D.C.?"

The words "Lobbyist Paton" appear on the screen with a picture of the Republican candidate.

"Lobbyist Paton will be happier than a kid in a candy store."

"Lobbyist Paton will settle in D.C. like dirt in a ditch."

Cue the Old-West fiddle music, the video of Kirkpatrick and the narrator saying "Ann Kirkpatrick, she's as Arizona as it gets."

Take a look for yourself:

Kirkpatrick, of Flagstaff, is running against Paton, of Marana in the vast district that runs from Oro Valley and vicinity across most of eastern and northern Arizona.  

Will we look back on this ad as a turning point in the campaign? Could be.

Paton spokesman Barrett Marson seems to think so.

"Wow. This is just more proof that Ann Kirkpatrick’s campaign is falling apart," Marson said. "Kirkpatrick is completely out of touch with Arizona, which is why voters already fired her two years ago."