The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has launch a new ad campaign targeting Republican candidates opposed to the Affordable Care Act.

The "Sick n’ Broke" browser based game targets Gary Kiehne, Martha McSally, Adam Kwasman and Andy Tobin arguing the GOP candidates are playing with the  health of Arizona residents.

The game can be found here:

The online-based game, based on the Game of Life board game, offers visitors to the web site to make choices by clicking on various icons about their health care, illustrating the consequences of their decisions.

"Whether it's being able to afford an emergency C-section, making sure kids get the right nutrition, ensuring women don't have to pay more for their care or guaranteeing Medicare's future, Gary Kiehne, Adam Kwasman, Martha McSally, and Andy Tobin want to join a Republican Congress that plays reckless games that hurt your health at every stage of life - all because they would rather stack the deck for their special interest buddies," said Tyrone Gayle of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

One icon of a man hunched over with a cane - designed to represent seniors who are over the age of 65 - has drawn the ire of the National Republican Congressional Committee.

“I can’t think of anything more out-of-touch and offensive than for the Democrats to suggest that voters over the age of 65 are somehow feeble, elderly and hunched over like Quasimodo – but at least we now know why Democrats didn’t seem to break a sweat gutting seniors’ Medicare benefits," said Daniel Scarpinato, the spokesperson for the RNCC.