If you want to get an early ballot and vote by mail, you need to request one by Friday at 5 p.m.

The best way to make sure your request is processed on time is to call the Pima County Recorder’s Office at (520) 724-4330.

You can also go to www.recorder.pima.gov and click on "early ballot request” but the Recorder’s office is warning people that these requests may not be processed on time. That’s because the Pima County Recorder’s Office sometimes needs to email people with questions when the requests are incomplete.

To get an early ballot, you must have been registered at least 29 days before Election Day to be eligible to receive an early ballot. The election is Nov. 6.

To see if you are on the early voter list or track the status of your mail-in ballot, go to www.recorder. pima.gov and click on "early ballot status." You can also find out more about the permanent early voting list, or to sign up for it, at this website.

Once you have completed an early ballot, sign and seal the envelope and return it one of three ways:

• By mail to the Pima County Recorder, P.O. Box 3145, Tucson, AZ, 85702.

• Deliver it in person to one of the Pima County Recorder's Offices in Tucson or any other early voting site. A complete list of these sites can be found at www.recorder. pima.gov online.

• Drop it off at any Pima County polling place on Election Day. Polling places close at 7 p.m.

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