Screen shot of a video posted on Doug Ducey's campaign YouTube channel, titled "Phony."

Retrieved on July 21 from YouTube.

Doug Ducey‘s campaign team went on the offensive on Monday, releasing an ad critical of one of his Republican rivals for governor. 

The 32-second ad, titled “Phony,” is critical of former GoDaddy executive Christine Jones, arguing she had reversed her position to “send Obama the bill” for her $270 million border plan. 

The ads uses footage from Jones’ latest TV ad promising to send the feds the bill and another video from a June 8 meeting with supporters where she said the state tried to bill the feds several years ago and Arizona taxpayers would have to pick up the tab.

“Christine Jones’ words speak for themselves. It’s breathtaking. She spent hundreds of thousands of dollars saying she’d ‘send Obama the bill,’ and almost immediately publicly backtracks and says that approach won’t work,” said Melissa DeLaney, spokeswoman for the Ducey campaign. “It’s the height of cynicism — saying one thing on television and then saying the exact opposite in a small group. She is deliberately misleading voters.” 

Anna Haberlein, a spokeswoman for the Jones campaign, dismissed the suggestion, saying the Ducey camp is looking to distract voters. 

“Christine’s plan is very straightforward. In the plan she says, ‘Under the Jones plan for border security, the state will initially fund the military deployment and tactical response training to ensure the immediate relief and safety of all Arizonans. But then I will demand reimbursement from the federal government,”’ Haberlein said.

Jones will be “unwavering in her pursuit of reimbursement” but isn’t betting on that check coming anytime soon, she said.

“The reality is Arizona taxpayers already spend $2.8 billion per year to educate, incarcerate, and provide medical services to citizens of other countries, and that number will only continue to increase. If the federal government doesn’t make it a priority to secure the border, Arizona can’t afford not to immediately implement Christine’s border security plan,” Haberlein said.

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