While giving an update on Arizona's economy during a campaign stop in Marana last week, Republican candidate for Congress Andy Tobin commented on the need for vocational education programs in high schools.

Tobin said: "Half the kids who graduate from high school don't go to college."

True of false? True. Of the class of 2012, 53.5 percent went to college, according to this study by the Arizona Board of Regents using data from the National Student Clearinghouse.

Tobin said: He supports vocational education programs in high schools as a way to help young people get jobs.

True or false? True. As Speaker of the House, Tobin was instrumental in getting $500,000 in funding to pay for vocational education students' licensure exams in the state budget, said Gretchen Jacobs, a lobbyist for Pima County Joint Technical Education District (JTED). He also supported other bills that would help JTED programs, including restoring funding for freshman-level voc-ed programs, although that ultimately didn't make it into the budget.

“Speaker Tobin really was there for us," Jacobs said. “When push came to shove, he made this one of his priorities.”

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