Sen. Jeff Flake

Mike Christy Arizona Daily Star

Sen. Jeff Flake says Republicans ought to tone it down when talking about illegal immigration.

He said Jeb Bush was brave when he spoke "humanely" about illegal immigrants in recent comments

Flake is a member of the Gang of 8, which passed an immigration reform bill through the Senate. The House hasn't taken up the issue.

"Growing up here in Arizona, I’ve seen what motivates those who come here illegally. Sure, some come with the intent to do harm or simply to take advantage of our generosity. But many come to find work to feed their families. To lump everyone who crosses the border illegally into the same class is unfair and unproductive," Flake said on Facebook.

"Recognizing motivations does not change the fact that we need a secure border," Flake added in the post. "We need to give employers the tools to determine who is here illegally and who is not. We need more robust temporary worker programs that account for our labor needs. We need to reform our legal immigration program to better reflect our economic needs going forward, and we need a mechanism to deal with those who are already here illegally in a rational manner."

You can read his complete comments on Flake's Facebook page.