Raul Grijalva gives a speech to the crowd at the the Democratic Party's election celebration in November 2012.

The man with the 'stache is far ahead in the fundraising race, new campaign finance reports show.

Rep. Raúl Grijalva had $109,158 in in his campaign coffers at the end of the calendar year. Meanwhile, Republican challenger Gabriella Saucedo Mercer had just $773 in cash on hand.

In a recent fundraising email, Grijalva said: “You and I both know campaign season starts early these days, and I want to hit the ground running this year.”

Grijalva’s fourth quarter donors include labor groups, Native American tribes and major local Dem donors Bill and Alice Roe.

Grijalva's campaign raised $78,323 in the fourth quarter of 2013 and spent most of it in the same time period.

Saucedo Mercer raised $5,795, and she spent that and more.

Zooming out a bit, Grijalva raised nearly $14 for every $1 Saucedo Mercer raised in all of 2013.

Saucedo Mercer could just be off to a slow start, or it could be a sign Republicans are even less interested in mostly Democratic District 3 this year than they were in 2012 as they focus their attention on other tight races in Southern Arizona. (Updates on the fundraising scenes in District 1 and District 2 are coming soon.)

In a recent fundraising email, Grijalva said: “Republicans and their Daddy Warbucks Super PACs are running ads all over the country trying to scare people into voting against their own interests. I don't even want them to think Southern Arizona is a target.”

The newest candidate in the race, Republican Miguel Olivas, hasn’t filed a campaign finance report yet. But he recently launched an online fundraising campaign at Rally.org, using an emotional story about the military veterans in his family as his sales pitch.

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