Here's how the Southern Arizona delegation voted on SB1062, the controversial bill that would allow discrimination against gays in the name of religious freedom.

District 2

Sen. Andrea Dalessandro, no

Rep. Rosanna Gabaldón, no

Rep. Demion Clinco, no

District 3

Sen. Olivia Cajero Bedford, no

Rep. Sally Ann Gonzales, no

Rep. Macario Saldate, no

District 4

Sen. Lynne Pancrazi, no

Rep. Juan Carlos Escamilla, no

Rep. Lisa Otondo, no

District 8

Sen. Barbara McGuire, no

Rep. Frank Pratt, yes

Rep. T.J. Shope, yes

District 9

Sen. Steve Farley, no

Rep. Ethan Orr, no

Rep. Victoria Steele, no

District 10

Sen. Dave Bradley, no

Rep. Stefanie Mach, no

Rep. Bruce Wheeler, no

District 11

Sen. Al Melvin, yes

Rep. Adam Kwasman, yes

Rep. Steve Smith, yes

District 14

Sen. Gail Griffin, yes

Rep. David Gowan, yes

Rep. David Stevens, yes