Former GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney to stump for House Speaker and CD 2 candidate Andy Tobin later this month.

Congressional District 1 candidate Andy Tobin is getting more support from one of the biggest names in Republican politics — Mitt Romney.

Voters in this district like Romney. Candidates are fond of saying Romney won this district in 2012. Romney came to Arizona to campaign for Tobin in earlier this year.

Here's the robocall:

Text of the ad:

(Romney speaking) Hi, this is Mitt Romney calling, and I'm asking you to support my friend Andy Tobin for Congress. Andy's a family man, and he's a small-business owner. He'll fight President Obama's reckless agenda in Washington and deliver results for Arizona. Now Andy's the only candidate who has a record of fighting illegal immigration and he opposes President Obama's plan to grant amnesty. Andy has the support of law enforcement officials, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, and Arizona Right to Life. Andy's the clear conservative choice in this year's primary. So on August 26, please cast your vote in support of Andy Tobin for Congress. Thanks so much.

(announcer speaking) Paid for by Andy Tobin for Congress