So many ads have run in the Congressional District 1 race that you would be forgiven if you hadn't noticed that Jonathan Paton's campaign had not run any of its own.

Now they have.

The first spot paid for by Republican Paton's campaign criticizes Democratic opponent Ann Kirkpatrick on her spending of public money. It's the same spending that was the topic of a National Republican Congressional Committee ad last week.

Citing this 2011 Arizona Republic story, Paton accuses Kirkpatrick of having spent more than $100,000 of taxpayer money on her staff in her last two days in office.

In response last week, Kirkpatrick spokeswoman Jennifer Johnson noted that Kirkpatrick had returned 5 percent, or about $8,700, of her pay.

"The fact is, Ann cut her own pay in Congress, and at the end of her term, her office returned more than $100,000 in unused funds back to the Treasury. The office employees were paid for their long hours, hard work and accrued leave."

While this is the first formal foray into TV ads by Paton's campaign, the NRCC, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, Kirkpatrick's campaign and the House Majority PAC have all put out ads in CD1 already.