Voters will have a chance to compare candidates in four state legislative districts at a series of debates scheduled for the next month in Tucson.

The debates will feature candidates for House and Senate in LD2, LD11, LD9 and LD10. They are sponsored by Arizona Citizens Clean Election Commission and hosted by Pima Community College. Candidates will answer questions will prepared by the Clean Elections Commission and submitted in writing by audience members.

Here’s the schedule for the debates, which all start at 6 p.m.:

• Sept. 20 — LD2 House

Where: PCC East Campus, Room L-101, 8181 E. Irvington Road

House candidates: John Ackerley (R), Andrea Dalessandro (D) and Rosanna Gabaldon (D).

• Sept. 24 — LD11 House and Senate

Where: PCC Northwest Campus, Room A-207, 7600 N. Shannon Road

House candidates: David Joseph (D), Adam Kwasman (R) and Steve Smith (R).

Senate candidates: Jo Holt (D) and Al Melvin (R).

• Oct. 3 — LD9 House and Senate

Where: PCC Downtown Campus, Amethyst Room, 1255 N. Stone Ave.

House candidates: Cynthia Miley (R), Ethan Orr (R), Mohur Sarah Sidhwa (D) and Victoria Steele (D).

Senate candidates: Steve Farley (D) and Tyler Mott (R).

• Oct. 10  — LD10 House

Where: PCC District Office, Community Board Room (C-105), 4905 E. Broadway

House candidates: Todd Clodfelter (R), Stefanie Mach (D), Ted Vogt (R) and Bruce Wheeler (D).

Voters choose two House candidates for each district and one Senate candidate.

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