Local Democrats aren't thrilled that "America's toughest sheriff" is spending the night in the Old Pueblo to raise money for Republicans.

Instead, the Pima County Democratic Party think Sheriff Joe Arpaio should spend several days in Tucson with his Pima County counterpart, Sheriff Clarence Dupnik.

"It is too bad that Mr. Arpaio is spending just one evening in Tucson. He could learn a lot from an extended stay in the Old Pueblo: everything from how to conduct himself with dignity- like a real sheriff- to how to tell the difference between people who pose a serious threat to public safety (sexual predators) and people who help make the state’s economy function (immigrants)," said Jason Ground, the communication director for the Pima County Democratic Party, in a prepared statement.

Arpaio is in east Tucson tonight to raise funds for fellow Republican Randy Pullen, who is running for state treasurer. Ground said the former head of the state Republican Party hurts his reputation by accepting the controversial sheriff's endorsement.

"We are known by the company we keep and it is telling that Randy Pullen would turn to someone as vile and divisive as Joe Arpaio to help fill his campaign coffers," Ground said.  "The state treasurer’s duties include advocating that the legislature use state funds wisely and avoiding needless litigation to defend unconstitutional laws. By asking Sheriff Arpaio to help build his war chest, it is hard to believe that Mr. Pullen would take this duty seriously."

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