Too bad there is no automatic spellcheck when you are making signs for a protest.

It may have helped to avoid that involuntary shudder you get when you see the handmade signs railing against “citiens” who are upset with “illeagals” who apparently are getting a free pass.

Pictures of a woman holding these poorly made cardboard signs, reportedly as part of the Murrieta immigration protests, made the rounds on the Internet, and eventually made it to the desk of City Councilman Steve Kozachik.

“It’s upsetting to some when people come into this country without a grasp of our language,” Kozachik wrote in his newsletter.

Kozachik, however, might remember the adage about people in glass houses, considering he misspelled the word sheriff in his critique.

“Last week the Pinal County Sherriff rallied opposition. I’ll just let the opposition speak for themselves....” Kozachik wrote.

So yeah, it is a shame the protesters don’t have spellcheck — like they have on computers some people use to make newsletters.

The Shanty kicks out Drinking Liberally group

Since some time during the Bush Administration, The Shanty has been home to same group of Liberals who meet once a week to discuss politics and current events over drinks.

The mixture of heated political topics fueled by alcohol finally proved to be a dangerous cocktail, with the owner of The Shanty saying on Facebook he has kicked the group out.

Both sides are pointing the finger as to who is to blame.

Shanty owner William Nugent said on Facebook that some members of the group were badgering other customers and were rude to his staff.

Pamela Powers Hannley with Drinking Liberally Tucson said the decision to change venues was long overdue, with the final straw being when the bar double-booked another event on the patio where the group historically has met.

Powers Hannley was critical of the food and the service at the Shanty and wanted to find a place with a wider selection of beer and wine, saying on Facebook she personally would never go back.

The group is on a “patio tour” looking for a new, permanent location, she said.

The Shanty isn’t blacklisting Democrats in general, just the Drinking Liberally crowd. It recently played host for a fundraiser for Rep. Bruce Wheeler.

Kiehne warns CD1 of A desperate man on the loose

It almost sounds like a PSA from the police department. Congressional District 1 candidate Gary Kiehne sent an email to supporters warning about this mysterious and perhaps frightening figure.

The Northern Arizona businessman turned his rhetoric volume up to 11 in order to respond to what he called “mudslinging” from one of his Republican rivals, state Rep. Andy Tobin, weeks before the primary.

“There is a desperate career politician on the loose, and his name is Andy Tobin ... there’s only one reason he is stooping to this level: Andy Tobin is desperate,” Kiehne emailed his supporters.

We’re still for Kiehne’s take on Adam Kwasman, who can be seen carrying a gun! (in his campaign materials)

Contact reporter Joe Ferguson at or 573-4346. Follow him on Twitter @JoeFerguson

Contact reporter Joe Ferguson at or 573-4346. Follow him on Twitter @JoeFerguson