Maybe we’ve misjudged how hot the Democratic primary campaigns are here in Pima County, what with the almost total dearth of contested races.

Despite the lack of choices to be made, more than 7,500 independent voters have asked for a Democratic ballot for the August primary.

What they get in the mail might be pretty disappointing. Only two legislative districts that extend into Pima County — LD 3 and LD 4 — have a contested primary race for seats in the state House of Representatives.

Outside of those two districts, the only contested race independents voting a Democratic ballot will find is for superintendent of public instruction. For two statewide offices, treasurer and mine inspector, the Democrats don’t even have one candidate on the ballot.

By comparison, just over 9,000 independents have requested ballots for the Republican primary, in which virtually every race is contested.

Asking for a Democrat, Republican or any other political party’s ballot as an independent will not change your party registration.

Kiehne remembers the time he threatened a government employee

Gary Kiehne apparently reads Political Notebook and isn’t actually planning on following up on his “desperate man” warning with a story about Adam Kwasman being seen carrying a gun.

In fact, the Republican Congressional District 1 candidate has his own story to show how much he loves the Second Amendment.

Kiehne told a story on the radio earlier this week when he joked about the time he threatened a government employee with his hunting rifle.

In an interview on the “Liberty Storm” show on Phoenix radio station KFNX this week, Kiehne was asked by host Shane Krauser about his stance on gun rights.

Krauser noted it was only No. 6 on Kiehne’s campaign brochure.

“I’m going to tell you just what I told the game warden when I was about 11 years old,” Kiehne said. “He was accusing me of letting my dad kill my deer for me. I just jacked a shell in the rifle and told him to get out there about 200 yards and we’d see how close I could come to him.”

“So if you’d like to trot out there 300 to 400 yards, I’ll bet I could smoke you up pretty good,” Kiehne said in conclusion as the host laughed.

Not helping, Arizona Liberty Alliance

A glossy mailer went out to Legislative District 14 voters this week, touting the strong political stances of Republican candidate Susan Syfert.

The small-business owner from Safford is the challenger in the Republican primary, trying to unseat an incumbent

The piece, sent by the Arizona Liberty Alliance, touts Syfert’s ability to defend rural conservative values, says she will support increases in border security and pledges she’ll fight Obamacare if elected.

In the middle of the flier the alliance tells voters they should vote of Syfert for the Senate.

That could be a problem. Syfert is running for a House seat.

Farley offers bounty to help sell his house

State Sen. Steve Farley recently moved two blocks closer to what he calls the “majestic whale” also know as the modern streetcar.

No fear, dear readers, the Tucson Democrat doesn’t need borrow a pickup truck or help moving heavy boxes.

Instead, Farley is looking for someone to buy his four-bedroom, two-story midcentury home in the Blenman Elm neighborhood, and he is willing to give a $1,000 to the person who introduces him to the eventual buyer.

Farley, after taking down the Facebook request last week, is certain his offer is legal, noting that he has conferred with the Arizona Department of Real Estate.

“If you refer a friend to me who later buys that house, I will give you $1,000 when escrow closes,” he writes, noting Realtors can’t cash in for legal reasons. “No catch.”

The state senator is asking those who are referring friends with deep pockets who might buy his $474,000 home to email him.

Contact reporter Joe Ferguson at or 573-4346. Follow him on Twitter @JoeFerguson.

Contact reporter Joe Ferguson at or 573-4346. Follow him on Twitter @JoeFerguson.