Voters across Southern Arizona want to know how candidates are going to jump-start the stagnate economy and get them back to work.

On that note, the Arizona Daily Star’s Editorial Board invited the three candidates for U.S. Senate to write guest editorials answering this question: 'How will you create jobs for Arizonans, both urban and rural?'

Here are links to their guest editorials with short summaries of what they said:

Democrat Richard Carmona

Both parties are to blame for the slow economic recovery, which is why Carmona wants to form a “coalition of the reasonable” in the Senate to establish immediate steps to improve the economy. The key is targeting small businesses, he said.

“Some small businesses have an enormous burden of taxes while many large companies pay little and, in some cases, nothing. To fix that, we should lower our corporate tax rate, which is the highest in the world, while getting rid of special breaks for the richest companies. That way, we'll be infusing the actual job creators with capital while ensuring that everyone pays their fair share. We should also be expanding hiring incentives for small businesses that want to grow, but are scared by the risk of hiring new employees.

Republican Jeff Flake

Flake advocates for tax reform that “will broaden the base and lower overall rates” and “less burdensome federal regulations.”

“Government doesn't create jobs, but it can, and should, create the economic environment that enables businesses to thrive, creating jobs,” Flake wrote. “The federal government may have gotten the country into this mess, but it's going to be Americans that get us out.”

Libertarian Marc Victor

The key to creating more jobs is protecting the free market, Victor wrote.

“Jobs are created by the private sector. It is a common misunderstanding to believe government spending creates jobs. It doesn't. If it did, based on how much our government spends, we should be desperately begging immigrants to come to America to accept all the unfilled employment positions. Although there is much to criticize about our government, no reasonable person can criticize it for spending too little.”

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