Stonewall Democrats of Arizona

A Tucson group is trying to revive the Stonewall Democrats of Arizona, building on the outrage over SB 1062, the religious freedom bill.

The Stonewall Democrats of Arizona, headed by Robert Rowley and Richard Adams, registered in April with the Arizona Secretary of State’s office. The club is for LGBT Democrats and supporters.

Being a political action committee means the group can spend money to support or oppose any state-level candidate, although the club has just begun fundraising.

The Tucson-based group has not-so-subtly hinted it could spend on ads against Governor candidate Doug Ducey. That’s because Cathi Herrod, who pushed SB 1062, is one of his advisors. (Ducey said he would have vetoed SB 1062, but also said “the religious liberty issues that SB 1062 attempts to address are legitimate ones.”)

The group is preparing to send a questionnaire to all candidates, Rowley told the Star. One of its main goals is to remind voters in November how various candidates voted on SB 1062.

The group also is interested in using outrage to get out the vote. “SB 1062 would never have even been considered” if every LGBT voter had cast a ballot in 2012, the group says on its website.

There have been a couple of Stonewall groups in Arizona, but a Southern Arizona group dissolved, a restart of a state group a couple of years ago didn't get far, and the national group is "on hiatus."