The Pima County Department of Transportation has released an update list of road conditions follow a series of thunderstorms over the weekend.

While there is only one "red" spot on the list where there is a road closure, there are many areas listed in yellow, asking drivers to proceed with caution.

PDOT officials ask drivers to approach each area with caution and obey traffic control devices.

Road Closures - Red on the map

Map ID/Description

256 Silverbell Road between Avra Valley Road to Sasco Road

Proceed with Caution - Yellow on the map

Map ID/Description

85 Summit Street at the Franco Wash

86 Old Vail Connection east of Old Nogales Highway at the Franco Wash

127 Bonney Avenue at the Earp Wash

128 Masterson Avenue at the Earp Wash

163 Old Spanish Trail @ Jeremy Crossing Road

181 Hawser Street east of Twin Lakes Drive - ponding water in road

209 Old Spanish Trail 1st dip east of Camino Del Garanon

213 Redington Road at MP 3 the base of the road

221 Redington Road between MP26 and MP28

233 Milton Road @ Leslie Avenue

234 Alvord Road @ Garrett Avenue

273 Desert Ridge Drive north of Camino Encanto (Green Valley)

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