If you went outside and waved and smiled at Saturn Friday, here'e your photo.

The image of Saturn's rings backlit by the sun was taken by NASA's Cassini spacecraft. The pale dot to the right of center is Earth.

As predicted in this space last week, I can't tell you apart from anyone else.

There is a science purpose to this image, part of a mosaic of Saturn and its rings that will be stitched together for comparison to a companion image taken seven years ago. It will allow Cassini scientists to check for changes in Saturn's ring structure in that time.

Carolyn Porco, the former Unversity of Arizona professor who now runs the Cassini imaging operation from Boulder, Colorado, explains it all and provides additional images here.

And, of course, it gives us one more chance to view our Earth as a lonely little dot in a big solar system tucked inside a vast universe.

I feel insignificant. I'm going home.