Comet Pan-STARRS and a crescent moon over Payson Tuesday night.

Chris Schur Astrophotography

Comet Pan-STARRS continues to make a brief appearance on the western horizon this week, but is difficult to see with the naked eye.

Astrophotographer Chris Schur of Payson nabbed this shot of Comet Pan-STARRS and a crescent moon Tuesday night.

Schur wrote in an email to me:

"This is a shot with a 200mm lens, 5 second exposure with a Professional grade Canon 100-400L lens set for 200mm.  Our higher elevation here in Payson make it easy to see it naked eye too!"

You can see more of Schur's astrophotography here.

In Oracle, at Cassiopeia Observatory, Mike Weasner took a series of photos, which you can see at his website.

Tonight, if you want to try looking for Pan-STARRS on your own, find an unobstructed western horizon and look in the general vicinity of the spot where the sun set.

It should be halfway between the horizon and the crescent moon, visible as  the sky darkens, about half an hour after sunset (6:29 p.m.).  

You'll need binoculars, unless you have a really dark sky.