You probably figured, with creosote, brittlebush, lupine, penstemon and even ocotillo blooming at the end of February, that this has been one warm winter.

It has, tying a record set way back in — well, last year.

It has also been wetter than normal — another reason for all those flowers blooming.

Meteorological winter in Tucson — the months of December, January and February — recorded an overall average temperature of 57 degrees, making this winter and the winter of 2013-14 the two warmest on record.

The normal average is 53.2 degrees.

Rainfall was also well above normal for the season, though nowhere near a record. This winter’s 5.12 inches of rain was 2.39 inches above normal, according to a report posted by meteorologist John Glueck of the Tucson office of the National Weather Service.

This follows a calendar year which also set a temperature record.

Above-average temperatures in every month but August combined to make 2014 Tucson’s warmest year.

The average daily temperature of 72.2 in 2014 blew away the old record of 71.4.

This past February — with an average temperature of 62.1 — also set a warmth record, beating the 1957 record of 61.1 for the month.

Rainfall was also above normal this winter. Tucson International Airport measured 5.12 inches of rain, well above the normal 2.73 inches.

For the water year, which is measured from Oct.1 to Sept. 30, the total stands at 6.45 inches, the biggest total for the time period since 2000-01, when 8.5 inches had fallen by the end of February.

March arrived with rain and slightly lower temperatures, but the outlook is for warm and wet.

The National Weather Service’s Climate Prediction Center calls for a continuation of above-average temperature and rainfall for March as well.

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