The Flores home in Arivaca, the day after the murders of nine-year-old Brisenia Flores and her father Raúl there. Arizona Daily Star

Late last month, Pima County prosecutors Rick Unklesbay and Kellie Johnson filed a new list of possible witnesses for the cases against Shawna Forde, Jason Bush and Albert Gaxiola. Their list starts with law-enforcement officers, but I'll start with the civilians, who seem more interesting.

1. Gina Marie Gonzalez (Flores)

2. Melanie Aranda

3. Rena Caudle

4. Robert Copley

5. Byron Easter

6. Inga Hartman

7. Laine Lawless

8. Merill Metzger

9. Oin Oakstar

10. Fred Puckett

11. Melinda Shelton

12. Chuck Stonex

13. Sandra Stroup

14. Scott Walton

15. Ronald Wedow

16. Dep. Howard Anderson, Pima County Sheriff's Office (PCSO)

17. CLPE Kathleen Bright-Birnbaum, PCSO

18. Det. James Brown, PCSO

19. Dep. Chris Childress, PCSO

20. Det. Marguerite Crehan, PCSO

21. Det. Charles Garcia, PCSO

22. Sgt. Richard harkins, PCSO

23. Dep. Renee Hesser, PCSO

24. Det. Christopher Hogan, PCSO

25. Criminalist John Maciulla, Arizona Department of Public Safety

26. Det. John Mawhinney, PCSO

27. Det. Jill Murphy, PCSO

28. Det. Juan Carlos Navarro, PCSO

29. Dep. Mark O'Dell, PCSO

30. Forensic tech Thomas Parker, PCSO

31. Dep. B.A. Perez, PCSO

32. Dep. Michael Powell, PCSO

33. Det. Martyn Rosalik, PCSO

34. Det. Robert Svec

35. Dr. David Winston, Pima County Medical Examiner's office

The only lack I notice is that of any U.S. Border Patrol or FBI agents. Border Patrol agents were first on the scene, according to the 911 recording, and the FBI apparently had some early reports on Shawna Forde, then helped arrest her.

Of course, the filing contains this boilerplate language "The State further gives notice that this list may notbe all inclusive and that the State may call any witnessses suggested by the evidence or needed in rebuttal."